More To Know About Entertainment

“Long working hours so your entertainment will be “Weekends”.

Hectic hours of studying so your entertainment will be “Music”

Housewives then probably your entertainment will be “Daily soaps”.

For everyone, be it a kid or a senior citizen, be it student or a working man there is some sort of “Entertainment” in everyone’s today or rather it has become an important part of everyone’s life today. Surprising everyone has a different way of entertaining themselves. Some find reading books as a source of entertainment while others might feel scrolling Instagram profile is entertaining.

Source of entertainment:

People today are engaged in so many things that the source of entertainment is really important to sooth and calm their mind. Be it music, books, web series, dance, cooking, playing instruments, playing games, writing poetry, or anything that makes you feel energetic and refresh is basically Entertainment today. The definition of entertainment has really changed in today’s time. It is much wider and not just limited to watching a movie in theatre or munching in hostels or restaurants. Even a simple walk with headphones plug in and a soothing relaxing music is also included in the definition of entertainment today.

The best source entertainment could be gain by turning our passion into our source Entertainment. Many of us have this habit of refreshing ourselves just by listening to good music or scrolling social media. But the source of entertainment is not just limited to this. We can just expand your personal source of entertainment and connect it to your passion and see the magic. This will help you boost your skill and you will also get entertain. Entertainment when connected with your passion will not only give you refreshment but will also give your pace of learning a great effect.


Well do you ever wonder what could be the source of Entertainment in our ancient times? It was never movies, hanging out with friends, web series. Rather it was learning the art of cooking, stitching and sewing, reading Holy Scriptures, learning prayers, cleaning, devoting time in nature. Nature always had so many entertaining elements. Now probably the question will be how? Then here it is, the chirping of birds on the trees would probably play the role of their Bluetooth speakers which today has become the necessity of our home decors. Drawing rangoli was a compulsory activity and this is replaced by drawing things in our Mac books. Talking to neighbors not for gossiping but to discuss the recipe of their pickles was so common but today social media has the entire recipe at a single click.

Probably the world has changed but the needs have remained the same. Nobody is against the use of technology but is against forgetting our old rituals. But in this entire one common thing that remains is “Entertainment”. As rightly said,” Do anything but let it produce joy”, and this joy is what we call “Entertainment”.