Shopping is therapy! Yes, it is, and what about those who think otherwise? The answer lies within you. You may shop for necessities, fashion, or simply to be the matching person. But we all forget that shopping is an activity that is solely done on the theory of self-love. Loving who you are and what you wear is an important way to recognize yourself. We, humans, are not perfect, as flaws and flesh are we made of. But shopping helps us embrace ourselves as we are. Change in its totality is not bad, but changes that challenge the inner you are not one, but rather a set of compromises.

Everything has its own set of rules and laws. Shopping somewhat falls in the same category, containing three laws of it’s:


  • Upgradation: The laws of shopping not only help one defines himself but also prove to be an upgrade. An upgradation which helps you moves on. By the way, not all upgrades are expensive. Shopping for clothes from heavy brands may give you a sense of relief, but somewhere deep in you, the satisfaction of it may not be that large at a part. A simple white T-shirt with blue jeans or cargo pants can do a lot more than all the designer clothes. But if shopping for a designer satisfies you and meets you economically, and then you should go for it.
  • Comfort: Shopping should always be comfortable. If you think you can carry on an outfit, you can do it. It’s all in your head. If you think you can carry a 3xl oversize T-shirt, you can. The comfort of your clothing may not be visible to others, but it is felt by you. But if you are still unsure of an option, you can always go for the third law, recycle.
  • Recycle: Shopping for second-hand clothes won’t make you judged. If you see something that is already used and you can cop it, then you should. If you think your branded shoes have served you well and now it’s time to move on, sell it to someone who needs it, take the cash and invest in your next set of changes. There are platforms like these available on the internet for it that may charge a small concession for you to get a good deal. This law of recycling not only helps you save money but also enhances you to try different fashion and pass it on.


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