Parenting Style

Here if we talk about the word “Parenting”, it clearly symbolizes about “Parents”. Therefore, we will be discussing all about how parents were handling their children and are handling today, a lot of difference is there now. I am going to highlight some points, which comes to my mind in order to share the thoughts.

Traditional Parenting:

  • Parents Driven Future: In the era of 80’s and 90’s we can say that all the decisions whether it was related to the life of a child, academics or in the context of marriage, it was all taken by the parents itself without even concerning the child him or herself. At times, child was all-ok with the same and usually obey the parents. In that way, it happened.
  • Conservative Mindset: Mindset was quite different those times in terms of openness of courage and thoughts. Parents never thought of make their child educated and help them to stand on their feet. This was the big difference as compared to today and everyone knows that “Education” plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s future.

Parenting Style

Modern parenting:

  • Open Approach to society: In 20th century, parents do not think what society thinks of in terms of education of a child or it can be marriage as well. Now what a child wants or what he/she aspires to become, parents are behind them and supporting accordingly because time has changed so as the mindsets.
  • Bridging the age gap: Parents itself wants to bridge the age gap between child and themselves only then they will be able to understand the situation what a boy/girl is going through. This actually helps parents too to know deep about their children, which results in “No Hide” situation of anything. In this way, children never hide anything from their parents, which results in transparency and communication as well.

If we talk about the ways parents should up bring their children, many courses, trainings, workshops are available in the market, which helps parents know if they are lagging in their parenting styles and it actually helps a lot in order to bridge the gap.

Modern parents are so called concerned about their children, about their life, thoughts that actually matters a lot in shaping their behavior. As a whole if I talk about “Parenting”, this is everyone’s responsibility to make it success not only for parents but for the rest of the family as well.

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