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Parents become the first line of defense for their kids during flu season. They ensure that their children are well protected since anyone will soon start to have the early symptoms – runny nose, sneezing, cough, fatigue, body aches, fever, headache, sore throat, and more.

Many methods are proven effective in speeding up the recovery from flu.  Medications can help with the symptoms of flu. It’s effective but the side effects should not be forgotten.

That is why it is discouraged to frequently use over-the-counter medications to cure the symptoms of flu. Why not try home remedies instead?

Have you ever heard of the “potato hack?”

Many have tried using this and swear by its efficacy for curing flu symptoms. It can help alleviate the symptoms faster without using medications. To try this out, you need two things that you probably already have at home – potatoes and socks.

health blog

During flu season you should stock up on potatoes. The moment that you or your kids do not feel good, slice a potato and put one at the bottom of your feet. Keep them in place with socks. Keep the potato sock overnight for better results. The potato is believed to absorb the toxins in your body that are making you feel sick. The potato hack will also help you sleep better.

Those who have tried the health blog potato hack believe that they felt so much better the next day. And what they noticed was what happened to the potato slices which they wore with their socks. And for sure, it will shock you too.

The potatoes seemed to have dried out and some turned black!

This hack has become popular over the years. Many were curious and have tried to see if it’s effective for them too. And of course, this has received mixed reactions. Some people swear that it works, while others remain skeptical.

health blog

This potato hack as a cure for the flu is still quite controversial. Medical professionals believe that more studies need to be done to prove these claims.

Many home remedies for the flu have been proven effective. Keeping your body hydrated, and taking enough rest, and drinking herbal tea, are just some of the many. Still, it is best to seek medical attention when needed, or when symptoms get worse, especially in children.

Have you tried this hack before? Would you want to give it a try? 

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